Monday, 27 April 2015

Irish coffee

Here's the recipe for the legendary Irish Coffee

Food Recipes As the legend goes, on one cold winter's night an American Flying Boat (also known as a seaplane) landed into the village of Foynes, in the Limerick County of Ireland. As the frozen-to-the-bones passengers and the crew stumbled into a local restaurant, the chef welcomed them with piping hot coffee adding a shot of whisky to each cup. Thus the fabled Irish coffee was born.

Nowadays, Irish coffee is usually included in a menu's dessert section. The following is one method that makes an ideal drink for when the weather turns a little chilly and you need a quick pick-me-up.


Instant Coffee - 2 tblsp
Irish Whiskey - 1/2 cup
Thick Cream - 1 cup, whipped
Caster Sugar - 3 tblsp
Nutmeg Powder - little

1. Heat 3 cups of water over medium flame.
2. Bring to a boil and switch off flame.
3. Add the coffee granules and mix well until fully dissolved.
4. Add the whiskey and caster sugar.
5. Stir well.
6. Pour into individual serving mugs.
7. Top off with cream and sprinkle a bit of nutmeg powder.
8. Serve at once.

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