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Rulebook for marinating veggies

Meats taste great when seasoned overnight, but what do you do with the greens?

Don't we all love meats are marinated well? After all, it brings on our plates succulent Food Recipes portions with well-seeped flavours. But it case of vegetables, it may not work that well, chefs caution. Chef Paul Kinny explains, "Meats marinated for two reasons, to tendorise them and for flavour. Vegetables don't need tendorising. And they won't retain their taste after marination." Plus, if vegetables are marinated for long, they lose their colour and nutritional content, he says.

However, some vegetables are used as contents of marination, like onions, points out Chef Moshe Shek. "Marinating meats along with vegetables and herbs that can add flavour to the marination like onions and garlic is beneficial to the process. But vegetables such as cauliflower, lady fingers, carrot, cabbage and a host of other vegetables will not enhance the dish by the long marination." Rather, vegetables will lose their individual flavours. "Marinating these vegetables along with mutton or beef would mask the delicate flavours of the vegetables," he says.
Treating veggies in meat dishes

Chef Kinny says that if you wish to rub off some flavour of the meat dish, you may add the vegetables in the marinade an hour before you have to cook. "The finer you cut your vegetables, the faster it absorbs the marinade. So time it accordingly," he says.

"And you don't need to add vegetables along with the marinated meats all the time." A better option will be to toss the vegetables in the gravy of the meat, feels chef Kinny.

When roasting a dish with marinated meats and vegetables, Chef Shek suggests it's better to roast the vegetables seperately as large cuts of meat take a long time to roast and this may overcook the vegetables if baked together.

Green marinade concoction 

Carrots, leeks, celery and onions add flavour to the marinade

Marination rules for veggies

Be careful when marinating pulpy vegetables like cucumber, zuchichini, squash, gourd etc. as it'll make them soggy. But in case of potatoes and pumkin, require a longer soaking in the marinade if you want them to soak in the flavour.

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