Thursday, 23 April 2015

Three ways to spice up your salad

They are a burst of health and happiness on a plate - and the best part is that it's guilt-free food! 

Food Recipes Here are the ingredients you can add to your regular salad and make it interesting!

Go nutty Add that crunch and sweetness to your regular salad with a hearty handful of nuts. Get creative and combine the earthy crunch of almonds with the creaminess of the spinach. While apples and walnuts go hand-in-hand, try walnuts with cucumber too. Jalapenos teamed with raisins and cashews is a great combo too!

The seedy touch Who knew that bird food would end up being so delicious, not to mention healthy! With their natural oils, seeds have a unique taste. Try dry roasting some sunflower, pine and pumpkin seeds and add this mix to your regular lettuce or even fruit salad.

Dress well Make your own kitchen inspired dressing. Add things you like from the pantry and watch the magic happen in a bowl. Some cool yogurt with crushed mustard seeds and salt and chilli powder to dress crisp green veggies will do great. If you like Indian dressing, give your salad a desi tadka by heating up some olive oil, throw in a little cumin, whole red chillies and ajwain and drizzle on your veggies. So, go ahead and get creative with your salads.

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